We are a growing collective of people from the local community with a huge range of skills and experience. But we are united by a shared common goal: to welcome a family to this area so that they can rebuild their lives.

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The individual voices of this group explain who we are and why we chose to get involved:

“To help makes us human.”

“I got involved because this provided an opportunity to actually DO SOMETHING that would help in what is a terrible conflict and where one often feels so helpless to respond. Also, I think that Cornwall could only benefit from embracing more people from a wider range of cultures and Falmouth and Penryn would be richer for welcoming refugee families to the area.” 

“Any of us could become refugees. It’s our duty as part of a civilised society to show compassion to people whose lives have been shattered.”

“I want to help, to feel less helpless and to try to make a difference.”

“I don’t want to remain passive when there is a chance of working together to resettle refugees in our community which can only benefit us all.”

“I’m involved because I was welcomed into Falmouth nearly 30 years ago. This is an open-hearted community which has so much to offer refugee families. Falmouth and Penryn will also benefit greatly from those refugee families. They need help and generosity: Falmouth and Penryn can give this.

“To feel less helpless and try to make a difference.”

“I joined ‘Welcome’ because I hate the idea that by an accident of birth we can deny others safety and sanctuary. Also, my own mother is a refugee…”

“Because no one should have to flee from their homes or be parted violently from their homes.”

“I’m driven by a need to do something, anything, to help I want to dispel the myths of racism and Islamophobia and I want to do this creatively… I want to humanise the idea and the word ‘refugee’ in my community.”

“I’m disgusted with our country’s foreign policy and military intervention. It’s led me to want to make a difference in some small way to the lives of those that are affected by them.”

Falmouth & Penryn Welcomes Refugee Families is a registered charity (1181196 )

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